Wolf Kult

Wolf Kult is Lithuania based alternative style home décor and art shop for unique, brave and artistic people.

We always had deep passion for hand drawing and painting. Once we have purchased our forever home, we started searching for beautiful décor items we could put in our home. However, most of it were not exactly what we wanted and we realized that we were making ourselves third or fourth decoration already. So that’s how Wolf Kult was born.

We make everything ourselves here in Vilnius, Lithuania. Most of our products’ designs first were drawn by hand and later digitally edited. Wolf Kult is inspired by nature, dark/alternative style and fantasy world. Contemporary, minimal designs mix with sci-fi and nature themes in our work.

You can also contact us regarding custom orders – we always love to create something, that match all your desires, ideas and dreams. We believe that every design can be adjusted to each and every person. So do not hesitate to contact us!