Gothic Christmas tree decorations

Hey there, let’s talk today about decorating for Christmas. It’s a happy time for some people, for others it’s a chore and a headache. Everyone wants something new and beautiful, something original and unique. Maybe to give some style to your home or impress your family over at Christmas dinner table. It’s even harder if you’re a person with alternative taste, because the choice is even more narrow… We had the same difficult choice last year, but we managed to find a perfect solution – to make some gothic Christmas tree decorations ourselves! And it was an amazing decision! We will definitely use the same decorations this year again, just add a little more brand new ornaments that we’re working on at the moment.

All our Christmas tree decorations are made from wood, so natural and safe to hang on your tree. Our favorites are big, beautiful and bold double layered Moon, Star and Snowflake ornaments:

Star and Snowflake ornaments (Photos by Estela Naiad)


Moon ornament (Photos by Ellone Andreea)


Around 12cm in diameter, these decorations look great on any kind of tree, especially if you have full black or full white tree. Mix with some Christmas lights and your tree will be perfect! They can also be hanged on the wall after holiday season is over and still look very ornate and perfectly decorate your room.

We also offer several smaller (8 cm diameter) and a bit simpler ornaments. They can look great on their own (preferably there should a be a bit more of these on your tree) or you can mix them with several bigger stars or moons. We advise to purchase different designs and mix them together, not to decorate with the same design all tree. It would look more interesting and original. All of these ornaments have exactly the same color palette (black and natural wood color), so they will definitely look great if you even the most opposite designs next to each other.

Christmas tree (Photo by Estela Naiad)


Also, mix black and natural wood colored ornaments together:

Lepidoptera wooden ornament variations (Photo by Estela Naiad)


All decorations come with beautful adjustable black satin ribbons. Simple, modern and beautiful. We also include a postcard in every order and even can write you a gift message for your loved one! Just write a comment when ordering your items.

See all of our ornaments here.


Have a beautiful holiday season!


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